Best Practices for PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising)

  1. Identify Your Target Market(s)
  2. Write the ad in their words – not yours.
    • Headline is the Ad for the Ad – make it compelling – ask a question
    • The body of the ad must be compelling as well – make any offer: free video or free guide
    • URL should match the search query, not necessarily your brand
      • The Goal here is not sell them your services, but to get them to click on the ad
  3. Have a specific landing page that continues the conversation from the ad
    • Don’t just drop them on your home page
  4. Split Test 2 Ads
    • After 200 clicks you will know which one is the winner
    • Run the winner at 50%, then create a sub group of two more ads + the winner (3 in total) – see if there is a new winner
    • Repeat as necessary
  5. Configure Google Analytics to track your goals
  6. Have an off-line plan to close the deal

Designing Your Ad


  • Ask a question


  • Most eye-catching ad images are people > faces > smiles


  • Promise the answer
  • Or continue on from the Headline

Landing Page

  • Internal Facebook Page (trusted, but you lose too much control)
  • Sandwich Page (allow you to give value without slowing up the slowing up the sales process) give answer from ad on this page – then to a salesletter
  • Info Squeeze Page (gathering basic information)

Examples of Ads

  • Staff Members
  • Pets
  • Specific Denominations
  • Events

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