Quick Notes

  • Themes are the Look and Feel of your blog
  • Plugins are applications the run inside your blog
  • Widgets are pre-formatted chunks of information that can be placed in different places on your blog
  • Pages are static
  • Posts are Chronological
  • Categories are like filing cabinets
  • Tags are like Sticky Notes

Create Your Blog

  • Go to WordPress.com, click on Sign Up Now (other blog platforms are available)
  • Fill out the information, and choose your Username & Blog Title
  • Confirm your account in your email
  • Go to Appearance > Widgets > Add Twitter to your Sidebar
  • Go to Appearance > Themes > Select a Theme

1st 5 Steps:

  1. Update your About Page
  2. Create a Contact Page
  3. Create a Blog Post
  4. Embed a Video into a Blog Post
  5. Leave a comment and approve a comment


  • Test some plugins that will help you customize your blog
  • Accept and respond to comments
  • Comment on other blogs and link back to yours


  • Change your Theme over and over after your blog has been established



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