Bringing Death Care and Web 2.0 Together

We’re going to go through the 3 hour workshop with 1 break in the middle

  • Bring your Laptop (with wireless access)
  • Have your accounts set up for: Gmail, Facebook, YouTube & Twitter
  • Bring your questions, don’t be shy & be prepared to have some fun!

By the end of this workshop, you will have…

  • Added friends to your Facebook
  • Followed people on Twitter
  • Posted a blog post
  • Made your first tweet
  • Created your Facebook Page

Part 1: Getting Started with Your Networks

Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Blog
Create Facebook Fan Page


Part 2: Content Creation

Videos for YouTube & Articles for Blogs


Part 3: Tying It All Together

Creating a Ping.FM account


Part 4: Implementing Your Strategy – LIVE


Part 5: Bonus: Facebook Ads 101


Welcome to the Workshop

  • Open your Internet Browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari) and open The Live Workshop Page
  • Open a new Tab or Window for your Browser
  • Open the Handouts

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